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If you have a script, I can voice it for you!

At, I will fast and affordably record a high-quality, pro voiceover for you or your business at a steeply discounted rate.

Ordering below is super easy! Just fill out the form and submit your script. Most orders delivered in under 24 hours. Hundreds of repeat customers around the globe!

Some restrictions apply. Modifications are at cost, if needed. (Want modifications covered? Order my premium services!)

Let’s get started:


My Apologies! My Discount Voiceover service does not apply to audiobooks or elearning projects.

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You: “A pro voiceover — delivered ASAP — for as little as $5?!”

Ben: “Yes!”

I’m Ben Hauck. Nearly every day, I record voiceovers for clients around the globe from my New York City recording studio. I’ve been recording voiceovers since 2015.

Basic Offer

I will record a high-quality, professional voiceover for you in my American accent ASAP.

  1. Submit 1 script per order.
  2. For $5, I will record up to 100 words, +$5 per additional 100 words. (Precision timing is for an additional fee.)
  3. Modifications are $5 per round (up to 100 words).
  4. Personal, Business & Online Use Rights are free. (Terrestrial TV and radio advertising rights are for an additional fee.)
  5. Make sure to give me direction and pronunciation help.
  6. I deliver all orders ASAP (under 24 hours for most small orders).
  7. Order now by credit card or Paypal!

Additional Options

  • Synching to video or timestamps ($15 per 100 words)
  • Dubbing ($20 per 100 words)
  • Live recording session over Chrome browser (subject to scheduling)
  • Broadcast advertising rights for terrestrial TV or radio


  • This offer is not for elearning projects, audiobooks, or complex recording jobs with lots of requirements.
  • This offer does not include background music. Ask your video editor for background music.
  • I will not record divisive political ads, robocalls, ringless voicemail, racist or sexist content, or certain other material. If your project may be controversial, contact me with any questions before ordering.


Additional information

Voiceover Type You Require

Standard Voiceover (No Precision Timing Needed), Synch to Video or Timestamps, Dubbing

Voice Demos

Recent Work

I am a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr, where I sell discount voiceover services. You can listen to my recent work samples in my Fiverr profile (affiliate link).

  • Note: Fiverr charges platform fees when ordering a discount voiceover from me there. I don’t charge platform fees on!

Other Work Samples

Below is some voice work I’ve done. For more, this YouTube playlist I update from time to time with my recent voiceover work.

Recording Studio

With a combination of pro equipment and software, Ben Hauck crafts a sound that will elevate your productions.

*If you are interested in purchasing any of this equipment for your recording studio,
you may do so by clicking through my affiliate links below. -Ben


Shure SM7B


dbx 286s Mic Preamp / Processor


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface

Software & Plugins

Reaper Digital Audio Workstation


iZotope Nectar Vocal Production

iZotope Ozone Mastering

iZotope RX Audio Repair


Top notch! Simply explained, simply understood – and quickly delivered in best quality. Great to work with you! Will def. come back for more business!

— Pete Scheuber, Endress+Hauser

Very Professional and willing to put the work in! He’s Awesome! HIRED AT 9:00 PM AND COMPLETED IN ONE HOUR!!

— Peter Demetri, TV Commercial Producer

Ben is always fast but this was some next level hyperspeed delivery! Thanks for always providing such awesome work, you’re the best!

— Live Radio 89.5 FM

Ben was very engaged in my project, his communication and attentiveness were second to none. The finished product was way more than I could have imagined. He was very fast, efficient and most of all, produced a fantastic product for my business. I owe him a huge Thanks and I am just thrilled. Absolutely Awesome job!!!

— Jason Toombs, Bike Guy Bicycle Repair

Ben is really talented, he has a very good pronunciation, intonation and pace, and the sound quality is excellent. I’m really content with his voiceovers each time.

— Teodora Sirko, Easy English

Absolutely amazing cooperation! Audio quality, communication, super fast delivery time, everything is top-notch. I hope for a long term collaboration! Thanks Ben

— Jussef @ Jussef Studio

Super fast delivery with a top quality voice. What else you want? I will definitely use Ben Hauck again. Highly recommended!!!

— Tanmay Goswami, Award-Winning Designer

This is the 3rd time I have used Ben’s services. And I have been very happy each time and will continue to ask for his help when I need work done. I don’t need to search out other voices.

— Justus Jorai, Language App Producer

Very talented and professional! He also delivered extremely fast. If you’re looking for voice-overs I highly recommend using him! I will be ordering all of my male voice-overs from him moving forward. Excellent job!

— Jacob Davi, MIDI GODZ

Ben is super fast in getting the work done. You do not have to worry about the schedule because the work is already there even before time. He is very co-operative. He understands the needs of the customer. He has been great to work with!

— Srusti Arilla, Lumos Learning

No doubt, Ben is an amazing voice-over artist. Been working with him for a long time now and it’s just PERFECT everytime.

— Alyssa Michael, Animation Designer

Really outstanding. Top level quality, .wav file with great rhythm. Order placed on Sunday late afternoon (Central Europe Time), audio file delivered few hours later. Yes, “Simply the Best”!

— Fabrizio Brenchio, Klonz

One word. PERFECT!!!!!!!! I will be back. Thank you thank you thank you.

— Reuell Pompey, ARKKIDS


For answers to some frequently asked questions about my voiceover services, see below.

What are “rights”?2021-12-31T20:00:42+00:00

When you order a voice recording, you also need to order permission to use the recording how you want to use it.

These permissions are called “rights.”

I offer some rights for free, others for a fee. Whether you need to purchase rights simply depends on how you want to use the recording.

What rights do you offer?2022-01-11T11:51:38+00:00

Unless otherwise specified, my recordings are works for hire for personal, business, and online use.

These rights are free. However, they do not cover broadcast advertising use.

If the recording is for broadcast advertising purposes, you will need to purchase appropriate broadcast advertising rights.

Broadcast Advertising Rights

After purchasing appropriate broadcast advertising rights, you may use my recordings in advertising broadcast over “traditional” (aka terrestrial) radio or TV.

Here are the broadcast advertising rights I offer:

Radio Rights – You may use this recording in advertising on terrestrial radio. (For advertising on Internet radio or on podcasts, that is covered under online use, so you don’t need Radio Rights for Internet radio or podcast advertising.)

TV Rights (Local/Regional vs. National)- You may use this recording in advertising on terrestrial television, depending on the breadth of the market. I offer different rights for advertising in local/regional TV and for national TV.


What do you deliver?2022-01-11T11:42:06+00:00

I deliver my recordings as mixed and mastered mp3 files.

When ordering, you can also request a mixed and mastered wav file, or a raw (dry) wav file for your own mixing and mastering.

If you need another filetype, simply let me know what you need and I should be able to accommodate.


For audiobooks, I provided mp3 files mixed and mastered to meet ACX standards.

Are you awesome?2021-07-08T19:25:32+00:00

Yep, I’m awesome!

What is your accent?2021-07-08T19:25:32+00:00

I have an American accent.

My general accent is Midwestern, very close to Standard American Broadcasting English. My voice works great for recordings where you want no regionalism in the voice.

My voice also reads as Mid-Atlantic or simply “generic American English.”

I don’t record other accents than my own.

I need a voiceover in 1-2 hours. Can you do that?2020-03-24T00:23:16+00:00

Sometimes I can! Contact me to see if I’m available.

Do you do precision timing? For example, synching to video, dubbing, or recordings that are exactly 60 seconds?2022-01-11T11:44:30+00:00

Precision timing is whenever I have to meet certain time constraints in my recording.

Examples of precision timing include:

  • synching my voice to a video
  • dubbing my voice over another person’s voice
  • recording to a specific time length (like 15 seconds, 30 seconds, exactly 53 seconds, etc.)
  • recording within scripted timestamps

Precision timing takes a bit more time and work to record and deliver, so I offer it at a higher rate than for standard recording.

What is your Modification Policy?2022-01-11T12:11:06+00:00

For discount voiceovers, modifications are at cost.  Order here if you need a round of modifications for a discount voiceover.

For premium voiceovers, most include a reasonable number of modifications within a specified time window after my first delivery at no additional cost. An exceptional number of modifications, modifications requested after this time window, and new scripting that may increase word count may be at additional cost.

If you are an agency or designer working on behalf of a client: Make sure your client knows that modifications may be at cost, and build modification costs into your rate and budget.

Of course, if I made a rare mistake, I’ll correct it for free!

Do you offer live directed sessions?2022-01-11T11:46:03+00:00

Live directed sessions are when I patch you into my recording studio, and you can direct me live as I record for you.

Subject to scheduling and for an additional fee, I can provide live directed sessions over the Chrome web browser.

What is your Pronunciation Policy?2022-01-11T12:07:10+00:00

When you send pronunciations for unusual words, names, or abbreviations/acronyms, you really speed up my delivery time!

Here are some recommended ways to send me any unusual pronunciations:

  • Send me an audio file of the correct pronunciation (BEST OPTION!) 
  • Send a link to a YouTube video with the correct pronunciation
  • Send a link to an online dictionary entry, like from
  • Write out what what any words rhyme with (not recommended)
  • Write out the pronunciation phonetically (not recommended)

If you don’t provide pronunciation guidance, and if after deliver I need to change my pronunciation, that counts as a modification.

See my Modification Policy (above) for details.

What is your Refund Policy?2021-12-31T21:15:16+00:00

In general, I do not provide refunds for my voiceover work. But never fear! I have a long history of customers around the globe ecstatic with my voiceover services.

If you are an agency or designer working on behalf of a client, make sure your client knows that modifications may be at cost, and build modification costs into your rate and budget.

What WON’T you record?2021-12-31T21:15:06+00:00

I will not record divisive political ads, robocalls, ringless voicemail, racist or sexist content, or certain other material.

Contact me with any questions before ordering.

2 reviews for Ben’s Discount Voiceover Service!

  1. Jeremiah McCullough (verified owner)

    Fast and affordable!

  2. Martin Ebongue (verified owner)

    Awesome service.

    Ben has become my go to guy for every voice over job. I was thinking about using AI and synthetic tools to generate voice overs but frankly it’s day and night.

    Ben’s voice over have the right tone, the right intonations and he stresses the right words to make it not only natural but incredibly entertaining.

    I won’t waste my time again with AI tools trying to save a few bucks and sacrificing the quality (forever) with these AI tools. Instead I work with professionals like Ben and the results are going to be a 100 times better (until the end of times)

    In addition he is very pleasant to work with, he informed me at every step of the process and he delivered at lightning speed which helps my project see the light of day faster.

    I couldn’t recommend him enough. His prices are awesome and the quality is second to none. Trust me when I say this: forget about AI tools and work with Ben.

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