For answers to some frequently asked questions about my voiceover services, see below.

What are “usage rights”?2022-12-04T04:01:04+00:00

When you order a voice recording, you also need to order permission to use the recording where you want to use it.

These permissions are called “usage rights.”

Some usage rights are available for free, others for a fee.

Whether you need to purchase rights simply depends on how you want to use the recording.

What usage rights do you offer?2022-12-04T04:03:50+00:00

The following usage rights are currently available:

  • Personal Use – You may use the recording in personal projects, creative projects, etc. These projects cannot be for a business (“commercial”) purpose.
  • Internal Use – You may use the recording internally within a business rather than publicly.
  • Online Use – You may use the recording online. This use includes in advertising in paid marketing channels, social media, websites, online radio, and podcasts.
  • Radio Use (National or Local/Regional) – You may use the recording on terrestrial radio, depending on the market where it will be used.
  • TV Use (National or Local/Regional) – You may use the recording on terrestrial radio, depending on the market where it will be used.
  • Major Motion Picture Use – You may use the recording in a major motion picture, such as a feature film or documentary on the big screen.
  • Physical Product Use – You may use the recording in a physical product like a toy, board game, or other physical product.



How do you deliver?2022-12-04T04:05:52+00:00

Delivery is via email to the email address provided in your order.

Sometimes the recording is attached to the email sent to you.

Other times the recording is uploaded to an online drive for you to download.

Usually, the subject line of the delivery begins with the word “DELIVERY,” followed by the order number or date of your order.

What do you deliver?2022-12-04T04:08:31+00:00

Unless otherwise requested, recordings are delivered as sweetened MP3 files.

When ordering, you can also request a sweetened WAV file.

For an additional fee, you may also be able to buy the raw audio as WAV file for your own mixing and mastering.

If you need another file type, simply communicate your needs when ordering.


For audiobooks, recordings are eventually delivered as sweetened MP3 files mastered to meet ACX standards.

Are you awesome?2022-12-04T04:40:19+00:00

Yep, I’m awesome!

What is your accent?2022-12-04T15:00:59+00:00

I have a neutral American accent.

My general accent is Midwestern, very close to Standard American Broadcasting English. My voice works great for recordings where you want no regionalism in the voice.

My voice also reads as Mid-Atlantic or simply “generic American English.”

Although I do character voices, I don’t usually record accents other than my own.

How fast do you deliver?2022-12-04T04:16:19+00:00

Recording nearly every day, most orders are delivered in 2-5 days.

A wide range of rush delivery options are available in case you need guaranteed 2-day delivery — or if you need delivery in as little as 4 hours.

Please note that the recording studio is in New York City (GMT-5) for gauging availability for rush delivery.

*Current local time in New York City:

If you have a pressing voiceover need, get in touch before ordering.

Do you do precision timing? For example, recordings that are exactly 15 seconds, synching, or dubbing?2022-12-04T04:17:42+00:00

Precision timing is whenever there is the requirement to record within certain time constraints in the script. Precision timing is advanced work with a higher per-word rate.

Examples of precision timing include:

  • delivering a recording of a precise time length (like “under 15 seconds,” “30 seconds,” “exactly 53 seconds,” etc.)
  • recording within scripted timecodes
  • synching a voice to a video
  • dubbing a voice over another person’s voice in a video
  • lipsynching to a video

Precision timing takes a bit more time and work to deliver.

What is your Modification Policy?2022-12-04T04:21:19+00:00

Modifications are when you need the recording modified after delivery.

Modifications may be needed because you changed the script, wanted to provide different direction, or wanted to change a pronunciation.

Modifications are at-cost.

Ultimately, the cost for modifications varies depending on the request or specific project, but generally they are $10 per round (up to 50 words).

Email for for any modification requests and a quote.

Of course, if the recording contains a rare mistake (e.g., saying the wrong word), that correction is free.

What is your Pronunciation Policy?2022-12-04T04:22:44+00:00

When you send pronunciations for unusual words, names, or abbreviations/acronyms, you really speed up delivery time!

Here are some recommended ways to submit any unusual pronunciations:

  • Send an audio file of the correct pronunciation (BEST OPTION!) 
  • Send a link to a YouTube video with the correct pronunciation
  • Send a link to an online dictionary entry, like from merriam-webster.com
  • Write out what what any words rhyme with (not recommended)
  • Write out the pronunciation phonetically (not recommended)

If you don’t provide pronunciation guidance, and if after delivery there need to be pronunciation changes, that counts as a modification.

See the Modification Policy (above) for details.

Do you offer live directed sessions?2022-12-04T04:26:36+00:00

Live directed sessions are when you’re patched into the recording studio, and you can give direction to the talent while the recording is happening.

Currently, 30-minute and 60-minute live directed sessions are available.

Live directed sessions are conducted over the Chrome web browser.

Live directed sessions are for an additional fee and subject to scheduling.

What is your Refund Policy?2022-12-04T04:28:21+00:00

In general, refunds are not provided for voiceover work.

But never fear! There is a long history of customers around the globe ecstatic with these professional voiceover services.

If you are an agency or designer working on behalf of a client, make sure your client knows that modifications may be at-cost, and build modification costs into your rate and budget.

What WON’T you record?2022-12-04T04:29:23+00:00

Divisive political ads, robocalls, ringless voicemail, racist or sexist content, or certain other material will not be recorded.

Get in touch with any questions before ordering.


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